My Love


fr JJ


I met her a few years ago on Facebook. We had seen each other before but never said much to each other except Good Morning or whatever.

We started talking a lot as friends. The frequency grew each day and we became more familiar with each other. Soon we were good friends, as the time passed, we became great friends, eventually best friends. So here we were, best friends who live miles away from each other but only communicated over the internet or by phone. We spoke of any and everything, that is how comfortable we were with each other, and the fact that this was with the absence of face-to-face communication made it evident that the chemistry was off the roof.

I had a crush on her but she was in a relationship, I was kinda in between relationships. I told her about it but she respectfully turned me down. Up to this day I am glad she did because at that time, I wanted nothing serious. But as I came to know her as a person inside and out that reality slowly changed, whether I wanted it to or not. The heart wants what the heart wants I guess.

After some time has passed we started to see each other in person. I remember the first time we spoke, she was so beautiful I could not get her out of my mind for 5 minutes. I could hardly concentrate at work, I had to have her, and she felt the same way. We were both in relationships at the time so we were trying to resist the urge but it was useless. Pretty soon we had to call it off with our current spouses because we had both found “the one”.

I never thought I was the kind of guy that could settle down, and at such a young age too but this girl was/is/will always be special. These days we are inseparable, I do encourage everyone in relationships to take the time and get to know their loved ones, I promise it will be well worth it. Because communication is very important in a relationship and everyone should exercise it as it can pull you closer together. It is communication that will help me to one day ask my special lady to marry me. But until then, I look forward to new memories, experiences and just new beginnings until we are finally at that stage.

If you read this which I know you will, I hope it gives you butterflies because I love you and want you to feel as how you are to me, truly special and cherished.


3 thoughts on “My Love

  1. This is beautiful seeing a guy write something like this about the woman he loves, we just don’t see this very often. Hope your lady knows how special she is.

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