F%^k me she says

F%^k me she says.


She called me at work,

“Hey you, I have a surprise for you, hurry home…”

It was in a seductive, come and get me tone.

I was a mess, I could not work properly

so I made an excuse to leave early.

She was wearing a nicely laced black and red lingerie,

along with stockings and heels.

I go crazy for fish nets, heels and lingerie.

A bottle of wine, the bed covered in roses, the room nicely lit.

She lay in bed awaiting my arrival.

She crawls over to me and whispers in my ear,

“I want you to fuck my brains out”.

I started to kiss her while running my hands along her

curves, rough enough to promote authority but gentle enough to arouse her.

I kiss her neck, she moans, my dick is hard, I want her.

I slowly undress her, my finger making its way to her wet awaiting cunt…


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